The EGGers Advantage

Our executive search services provide tremendous benefits during both the hiring process and after. The hiring process is tedious. Sorting through resume after resume is time-consuming, especially when a large percentage of applicants aren’t qualified for the job.

We’re not the executive search firm that’s going to send you a bunch of resumes you can find on your own. We take care of the heavy lifting and bring you only the most qualified individuals for the position. And these aren’t usually individuals who are actively looking. Through our expansive network, we tap into the 70-80% of individuals who are happy at their current position to find the best candidate possible. At the very most, the list we present to you will be three candidates. We believe in presenting you with only the best options and saving you a significant amount of time.

But the benefits of using EGGers Consulting don’t stop there. Because our process is so thorough, we go beyond just finding candidates who have the necessary skills. We’re able to provide employees who benefit your company and help drive revenue for years to come.

Why We’re Your Top Executive Search Firm

Our Old-School Approach

We’re proud to say that our approach is old-school. We believe in personal connections and having real conversations as we work with our clients and identify candidates for areas of need. In order to know your industry and provide a highly valuable service, we have to grow our network and identify rising stars every day. We might not do things the easy way, but we sure do things the right way.

Highly-Specialized Executive Recruiters

One of the factors that makes us so effective is that our recruiters specialize in a single industry and specific geographic markets. This high level of specialization allows us to truly know your industry and the people in your markets who are thriving in their current roles.

50 Years of Experience

Having the level of experience that EGGers Consulting brings to the table is invaluable. From our deep connections in each of the industries we specialize in to our experience identifying the best candidates for you, we have the know-how to deliver employees who will help your company grow for years to come.

Our Process to Save You Time & Money

Below is an overview of the in-depth process we go through for our clients.

  • We will recruit talented, qualified pre-screened candidates.
  • We will handle each search in a discreet, ethical manner.
  • We will commit to sole concentration on your industry.
  • We will understand your needs and concerns by asking relative questions.
  • We will help you assess internal needs against available talent.
  • We will use our extensive networking to provide source contacts.
  • We will help you examine compensation ranges in the market.
  • We will constantly keep you in touch concerning all progress and activity.
  • We will identify crucial factors for the hiring process, including compensation, relocation, and family information.
  • We will complete time-consuming reference information and degree verification when requested.
  • We will help in the development and negotiation of the offer.
  • We will save your company time and money by selecting and screening qualified individuals.

Let's Get Started

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