Executive Search for Pharmaceutical & Medical Sales

We take a personalized, old-school approach when our clients come to us with executive recruiting needs to fill a critical pharmaceutical or medical sales position. We’re not the executive search firm that scans job boards and sends you a collection of resumes you can find on your own.

We take the time to truly understand your needs then tap into our deep network of connections to identify the best candidates for the position. And when we say the best, we mean it. We narrow the list down to the top two or three candidates, saving you a significant amount of time.

We’re the executive search firm that will find the person for the job, not just a person for the job. Whether that individual is currently looking or not, we don’t settle for those who are actively searching for a new job. That’s why so many consider EGGers Consulting a top executive search firm they can rely on.

Highly Specialized Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiters

We believe that our recruiters have to focus solely on a specific industry in order to deliver the level of service we strive for. Our sales recruiters focus specifically within the industry you’re hiring for, allowing them to truly understand the industry, your needs, and the people who are thriving in that industry who will be great candidates for your position. This is yet another way we separate ourselves from other executive recruiting firms.

The EGGers Way

We’re not about doing things the easy way. At EGGers Consulting, we believe that we have to be growing our network and having personal conversations on a daily basis in order for us to find the candidate who can truly make an impact for years to come. And that’s exactly what we do.

When that time comes, our in-depth approach continues. We work with you to get a true understanding of the position, the skills needed, and your company culture. We feel it’s important to not only find someone who is qualified to fill your current void, but who also fits in with your company and its culture.

We tap into our connections, start identifying qualified individuals for the position, and go through a detailed evaluation process. Only after we’ve gone through our entire process do we send you the small group of candidates we’ve identified as the best options for you.

EGGers Consulting is adamant about doing things the right way. We’re the executive search firm that will find you a highly-skilled candidate who fits your company’s culture and is looking to make a move for the right reasons.


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We Take Pride in Client Satisfaction

Why do we care so much? Why do we do things the hard way? Because our reputation is on the line, and we want to be the executive recruiting firm you turn to every time you need to fill an important position. Because of our approach, many of our clients do come to us time and time again. We take tremendous pride in offering such a high level of service that our customers keep using us for years to come.

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