Executive Search for the Insurance Industry

EGGers Consulting does executive search a bit differently. We help insurance companies fill their critical positions with the most qualified candidates by doing things the right way. We get to know your organization and your needs, our highly specialized recruiters identify only the best candidates based off your needs, and we facilitate the hiring process from start to finish. From CEOs and COOs to Medical Directors, Account Managers, and Underwriters, we’re the executive search firm insurance companies trust.

Highly Specialized Insurance Recruiters

The recruiters at EGGers Consulting specialize in one field in a specific region of the country. Your insurance recruiter works only within this industry and is able to narrow in on the absolute best talent in the industry in their specific region. Because of this, we’re able to identify the highest qualified candidates quickly.

The EGGers Way

At EGGers Consulting, we consider ourselves to be a bit old-fashioned. Our searches don’t start on job listing sites that you can visit yourself. We don’t send 20 to 30 resumes for you to sort through yourself. We take care of the heavy lifting and provide you with only the absolute most qualified candidates.

We start by getting to know your organization. Before we even begin looking for candidates, we work with you to understand the skills needed for the opening, the current challenges you’re facing, your company culture, and more. Our goal is to provide your with a long-term solution, and having this information at hand allows us to more effectively identify the right candidates.

Our recruiters then identify the most talented, most qualified individuals for the job. We leverage our connections to not only connect with professionals we’ve had on our radar for a while, but to find emerging stars in the insurance industry. Through our in-depth vetting process, we narrow the list down to a small group of candidates that bring the necessary skill set and will fit with your company culture.


We’re proud of our work, but don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about their experiences with us.

Our Clients Keep Coming Back

We want our relationship with you to go beyond just one candidate search, which is why we don’t believe in just filling a position. Our job as an insurance executive search firm is to provide high-quality candidates who solve a critical need for you long term. We’re not here to find you a person. We’re here to find you the person. Because we hold ourselves to such a high standard and help our clients hire the best person for the job, many of our clients come back to us whenever they need to fill an important position.

Insurance Positions & Specialties We Have Filled

  • CEO
  • COO
  • Health & Life Insurance
  • Medical Directors
  • Sales/Account Management
  • Underwriting
  • Actuaries

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